Working on a long term project for a client that includes designing and producing a simple app. For the past several weeks I've been chasing down developers and app shops to find the right fit. The app concept is straight-forward, with aspirations for future functionality & content. I'm running at a tight deadline and there's a small budget, but like all projects of this type, it's doable and exciting. But not apparently for an app shop in Chicago. "Nope." That's the response I got. Nope. What? I get that the budget's small, my client is relatively unknown, the deadline tight. I get that this app shop is most likely swimming in business and that my little project is not very appealing. But "Nope"? Not "We'll take a pass. Thanks for contacting us." or "You realize how ridiculous your timing is, right?" or "Go get another 20k and we'll talk." Nope. That's it. Ridiculous and a bit unsettling. Is this how we do business in our industry now?  For all the little app shops that think they're hot and killing it, understand this – this is how you fast track to closing your doors. Nope. Twenty years in the industry has taught me many things. Some of which are – the industry is small. Times change. You never really know what project will turn into gold. Assholes are exposed. And your next project can come from anywhere. Luckily for my client there are other app shops willing to talk and bid on the project. And communicate like intelligent human beings. As for the hot app shop, I look forward to the day when I'm in a meeting with a Fortune 500 or VC group and your name comes up. You already know what my response will be.