Mindfulness now!


Much has been written recently in the various 'fast companies of the now' about mindfulness, awareness and meditation, and quite frankly I'm very torn. I've been connected to yoga and meditation teachers over the years, have gone through the cycles of a personal practice and would recommend meditation to anyone. I consider myself to be as self-aware as a Midwestern, GenX, American can be. I'm also ridiculously lucky to be married to a yogi. However, I've also seen the attempted integration of these philosophies in business, and it's caused pain and confusion and reeks of hypocrisy. Are companies better for the exposure? Corporate mindfulness is very westernized and performance driven. It often resides within the guilt-edged 'culture initiatives' of pizza lunches, chair massages and baseball outings. "We will now all be more mindful. Go!" You can see The Office episode writing itself. If it's not part of a companies DNA from the beginning, it will always be rejected. And yet, if one person edges closer to a better understanding of themselves and is more at peace in their skin, then perhaps it's a worthy endeavor.