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I lead by design. Embrace shift. Storytell change and revel in my client's transformation. Everyday I wake up with the question–what’s next? and answer this question through creative strategy, rigorous methodology and aspects of play. I have a clear-eyed curiosity that looks at the world a bit differently and knows that I can make a difference and I crave collaboration with anyone willing to roll up their sleeves with me. We're in a time of massive shift, with an insatiable desire for ‘the new’ and a (dis)connected experience across all aspects of life. Yet, I know that design thinking and creative problem solving can not only embrace this shift, but cut a path for a well designed future. This is what I practice every day— Experience Design, UX, Creative Strategy, Strategic Positioning & Visual Design.

Noel makes it possible to change peoples’ behavior. He brings together the right people and motivates them to deliver excellence; whether you need to communicate challenging strategic insights to senior management, project level findings to client teams, or product/service benefits to consumers. He has a rare gift of creative insight into how the message will be received that never overpowered his responsibility to nurture his staffs’ talent. I respect his work and benefited from his deep talent.
— Douglas Stone, Senior Vice President of Innovation at Maddock Douglas
[I’ve] never found anyone as innovative yet totally level headed as Noel. He has an amazing ability to understand the business objective, create amazing concepts and then, most importantly take and incorporate feedback from the business to make the idea even stronger. All while keeping the integrity of what made the idea great. I would honestly jump at the chance to work with Noel at anytime. Not only is he brillant, but he is honestly one of the most genuine people you will ever meet.
— Ainslie Simmonds, COO at LearnVest, Inc.
Great leader. Great thinker. Great designer. Even greater person. Noel exceeded my expectations on all levels. And the teams we built and the ideas we generated were some of the strongest (and most enjoyable) work that department ever did under my watch. Know this. Noel is an exceptional talent worth knowing.
— Frank EE Grubich, Creative Director, FAS Chicago
Noel is a pure champion of creative excellence. Strategically-minded, sensitive to even the most delicate nuances of brilliant execution and blessed with the ability to charm anyone he encounters, Noel stands out as an absolutely stellar creative leader. He invites collaboration and ideas from everyone on the team, and working alongside him has always been a terrific experience.
— Matthew Witt, EVP, Director of Digital Integration at TRISECT
Norix has been working with 9INE for over a year now and I continue to be impressed with Noel’s insight, work and results. The innovation, brand and strategy work has transformed our company. Noel’s ability to synthesize who we are, and harness it, has improved our focus and energized our company. He is also personally a pleasure to work with; creative and fun while also diligent and effective.
— Brad Karl, Director of Marketing at Norix Group, Inc.