I googled myself yesterday. I'd love to say this is a random occurrence. It's not. And I came across Under Consideration's WordIt book. If you don't remember, this was a creative SpeakUp community that asked for visual interpretation of a word on a monthly basis–which were then shared and commented on. And it had a fairly long run, 2002-2010. Seems impossibly quaint. At the end of its run, the editors compiled their faves into a book, and I was one among dozens that were selected. The word was "expectations". Looking at my pic spurs memories of that era. Of train riding, list making, career climbing. I remember the period of time. I don't remember that day, or the selfie, or the list: commute, drink coffee, still in my seat, design animation, snot thickens, navigate delillo, plan route, talk at love, frozen lunch thaws, skim e-mails, online news, salary bump, or get sacked, converse in my head, website production, dead battery, income tax refund, more coffee, lists I'll never read, throwaway meetings, trash design rags, kern in my head, agonize over playlist, dead battery, coffee dregs, work day cusp. Except for a few exceptions, that could be a list from today. The book can be purchased here